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Iconbatch 001: The pastelening

Bleach: 12 icons (Ichigo, Rukia, Renji)
Code Geass: 12 icons (Gino, Suzaku, Anya, Lelouch)
D. Gray-Man: 30 icons (Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda, Komui)
Megami Kouhosei: 34 icons (Zero, Kizna, Erts, Hiead)


1-8: manga lineart, my coloring
9-10: official colored manga
11-12: fanart, my coloring
will be redoing 11-12

.Code Geass.

1-5: colored fanart
6-8: official character linart, my coloring
9-10: drama episode
11-12: fanart, my coloring
not really fond of 11-12

.D. Gray-Man.


1-10, 15-19: official art from Hoshino's Instagram, my coloring
11-14: manga lineart, my coloring
Allen's face is perfection
wish I could've iconned Kanda WITH his golem...

.Megami Kouhosei.


1-34: manga lineart, my coloring
I was right, it is very fun to color. played a bit with coloring on 10-11

+ Credit to [personal profile] sincere or [community profile] insincere on Dreamwidth
+ This is my first iconbatch, so I would really appreciate if you told me if you liked them! ♥
+ I have some sort of condition where I can't pick just one icon so I keep posting several versions of the same thing
+ Requests are welcome

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