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The World Ends With You, "Promises" (Shiki)

She wanted so much to be Eri but she never really thought about what that would mean giving up. What finally drives it home for her is clothing -- perhaps naturally.
Contains core character issues expressed via pretty clothes. Little drabble to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "she finds that she's disappointed to look in the mirror and see Eri". I've got a lot of those prompts to post by now...

It was the perfect top. Shiki gasped, quickly crossing the sidewalk to press up against the glass. It was wine-red, which was a color she'd always secretly thought would look good on her, and it looked like it would be fitted through the torso but with bell sleeves, which she'd always secretly loved. She had a weakness for quirky sleeves, necklines, hems, and other things that designers so rarely played with.

It was a little heavy for summer -- which must be why it was on sale; so affordable! -- but it was perfect.

"What are you doing?" Neku asked flatly.

"I have to go try something on," Shiki told him, already stepping for the door.

"...uh, we're kind of on a deadline here."

"Fashion is important, Neku," she reminded him as she slipped inside.

She could feel giddy excitement when she finally made it to the dressing room and shed her outer layers of clothing. She might be dead, but nothing was going to stop her from owning this shirt if it looked good.

The obvious problem didn't present itself until she swung in front of the mirror and her heart stopped.

She was looking at Eri.

In the excitement, she'd forgotten that the body she wore now wasn't her own. She'd fully expected to see Shiki in her reflection, to see how the shirt looked on her, to get excited about her appearance.

Eri looked great in the top, of course: Eri looked great in everything. Shiki had never seen her wear something that didn't fit her like a model. The red was dramatic on her and the fabric was draped artfully over her spare figure, bell sleeves creating a beautiful cascade of frothy color from her wrists.

But she'd wanted to see Shiki.

She realized, with sudden striking clarity, that she didn't want to be Eri anymore.

Shiki stared at her reflection and tried to picture herself in the top, but she couldn't do it. She'd never worn stylish clothes like this in the past, and the mental image just felt all wrong. That had always been Eri's thing.

She wanted to be the one trying on gorgeous clothes! She wanted to have frothy sleeves and wear dramatic reds. Being Eri doing those things wasn't the same -- not at all. She wanted those things for herself.

She looked at it one last time and whispered, "I'll be back for you. After I win."

Then she walked briskly out the door, ignoring the sales clerk thinking with great annoyance about self-absorbed girls with more taste than money who never bought anything.

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