A calamity has unexpectedly reunited two old friends, but things aren't the way they used to be.
Written for the [community profile] areyougame prompt Yuri/Flynn: pirate au - "shipwreck and rescue". Therefore it is AU, of course. Short and slightly late, because I've been sick for roughly the last week. Sorry!

.the peerless and the black blade.
If he hadn't lost his shoes in the ocean, Flynn would have kicked the bars in frustration. )
Every night that Nash is in Crystal Valley, he stays up late talking to Sasarai. He thinks that he knows what Sasarai wants, but he's slightly off the mark.
Contains Nash/Sasarai, written for the [community profile] areyougame prompt Nash/Sasarai: celibacy - "Instead of your body, keep me company with your words." So there is no questionable content, unless you find banter questionable.

.conversations with the bishop.
Nash made it a policy to always try to be a step ahead. )
The knights have to deal with troublemakers in bars all the time. They're usually not commanding officers. But Raven isn't trouble as much as he's just troubling.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt: Raven/Flynn: drunk and disorderly - of the two of them, Casey was most like him.
Contains spoilers for everything Raven; light angst.

Raven smiled, but it was painful. Everything was a little painful. )
As children, they had always known that for Yuri's birthday, he would want to go to the bridge. And for Flynn's birthday, he would want to go to a certain field...

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt 12/12: - Tales of Vesperia, Yuri/Flynn: familiarity - can read you like a book.
Contains fluff and angst wrapped into one friendshippy bundle with more than a bit of UST.

.future tense.
Someday, when we're knights, we'll have mounts like those... )
There's actually someone in The World That Never Was who still believes in simple pleasures, like singing, and...

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt Kingdom Hearts, Xigbar/Demyx: Seduced by a song.
Contains bartering and nonspecific sex.

.for a song.
It was a sign of how incredibly depressing this whole place was that he almost didn't recognize the sound when he heard it. )
He's been starving for weeks, but there's only one person that he's willing to feed from. He'll wait as long as it takes.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt Peony/Jade: prey-bonded vampire AU - Jade returns from Akzeriuth particularly thirsty.
Implied Peony/Jade, biting, backhanded fluff, highly AU.

.the prey.
The Emperor's tame monster. Everyone on Auldrant knew it, but they didn't know how very right they were. )
Guy wishes he could say something that would make Luke feel better, now that he knows about himself. But he just makes things stranger.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt Guy/Luke: sci-fi AU - Luke is more interesting to Guy after it is revealed he’s an Al-copy.
Implied Guy/Luke, some technobabble, highly AU.

.better than human.
You're something much more special than a clone, Luke. )


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