Sometimes she thinks she will go mad with all the things that she hates about her life, but it helps that now she has a friend near her own age and a few useful escapes that she can indulge in.
Contains tiny miserable children being cute together. They probably will both relate to this book. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "Lenalee+/Kanda: she read him books when they were children".

.in wonderland.
You're being distracting and you're not helping yourself. Stop talking. Stop fidgeting. Stop thinking. )
The new uniforms had brought about a very few positive effects, in Kanda's book, but mostly they had prompted one very, very big negative -- they had made him look at Lenalee.
Written for [ profile] springkink, to the prompt Kanda/Lenalee: obsession/denial; "She intrigues him, which he finds disturbing." Mild sensuality, unless you're Komui, in which case mind-blowing sensuality. Partly inspired by this crack image from Gray Ark.

uniform discipline
She had always remained on his mind, even after all this time. But now he thought of other things. )
The only way to not freeze to death is to make Kanda less of a stubborn bastard. The only one who could save both their lives is clearly Lenalee.
Contains Kanda/Lenalee. Holiday fic for [ profile] hashire, prompt "Kanda/Lenalee, stuck in a snowstorm".

.survivalist waiting game.
I wish Lavi were here. / I don't. )
Komui recruits Kanda to deal with a RATHER STICKY SITUATION. :D
Contains Kanda/Lenalee. Holiday fic for [ profile] p_sky, prompt "Kanda/Lenalee/Komui, something holidayish".

.conflict of interests.
The squeaking noise was what gave Komui away. )
Lenalee doesn't know what to make of the girl who says she came to HQ for Timothy. Especially since she seems more interested in...

Warnings: Girl fights are weird. Getting on Emilia's bad side is not a good idea. Neither is getting on Lenalee's bad side. Distasteful references to Hairspray songs. NOT character-bashing.
Contains implications of Emilia/Kanda, Lenalee/Kanda.

.the new girl in town.
Why had the only female near her age to enter HQ decided to snipe at her when they first met, instead of welcoming the opportunity to make friends? )
Link is doing something arcane in the kitchen, and Allen is not allowed to eat until he's done. Lavi and Lenalee suffer the brunt.

Warnings: Beware of hungry Allens. Do not not feed hungry Allens. Do not sit near hungry Allens. Do not bring food near hungry Allens. Keep all hands and legs away from hungry Allens.
Dorky little thing written for the prompt "diet food", issued by [ profile] libekory.

.the new menu.
I am not a wild animal, Lavi. )
Lenalee never thought this would happen, but she doesn't regret leaving a friend to die. After all, he hasn't been a friend of hers for some time.

Warnings: Post canon fic borne of roleplaying. Features official scoldings, strange role reversals, and gen with hints of Lenalee/everyone -- just like in canon!

.the outsider in.
She was supposed to protect Bookman. )
After the battle, Lenalee doesn't want to be alone with her thoughts.

Warnings: Going to immediately be made AU. Spoilers up to current chapters. Strange, possibly unorthodox het pairings. Cowardice is called into question, rudeness is attempted and failed, and there is a tiny bit of brother-obsession.

.safe havens.
Lenalee wondered if he'd think she was a coward for seeking him out; but then, he'd probably think she was a coward if she didn't just knock already. )
Warnings: Komui/Lenalee. If you don't know why this constitutes a warning, then... yeah, it does. Fluff where it shouldn't be, presupposed endings and assumptions, I'm awesome. It had to be written, because they are totally coupley in every conceivable way.

I think I'm finally done. )


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