She's nervous, very nervous, about the idea of telling Marie that she's interested in him. Making her even more nervous is the fact that every time she steals a glance at him, he's looking back at her.
Contains shameless fluff. I might never tire of writing the two of them mooning over each other and awkwardly sharing feelings, even though I want to shout, "KISS!" every time they interact. For the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "he can always seem to tell when she's looking".

It was deeply unnerving to her that she liked Marie, and that he knew her name, and worried about her, and had even held her in his arms when she was weak and exhausted. )
Sound carries -- especially sound you don't want to carry, to the ears of the one person who shouldn't have heard... Not like this.

Warnings: Do not mess with Kanda's bath time. Do not express a romantic interest in General Theodore's vicinity. Do not speak loudly in the communal bath.
Written for [ profile] dgray_flashfic at [ profile] usagi_alchemist's request for Marie/Miranda. ♥

You're the third person to ever tell me I did a good job. )


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