Today is a day for... drabbles!

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Drabble List
Kingdom Hearts
Wondering - Riku gen
Vindication - Kairi+Namine
Keys - crossover with KKM - Riku, Roxas, YuRiPa, Murata, Ulrike
Bringing Him Home - Destiny Islands trio gen
On Compliments - Roxas/Axel
Ghosts - Olette+Seifer
Strange Courtships - Olette/Hayner
What You Have - Roxas/Sora
Yesterday Again - Axel+Sora
Dusk Falls - Axel+Xemnas
Who Needs Destiny - Seifer/Roxas
Phoenix - Roxas/Axel
From the Graveyard - Axel/Roxas/Sora
Sacrifices Made - DiZ+Riku
Clear Sight - Riku/Rikku
Rest for the Weary - Cloud/Aerith
Berserk - Saix/Larxene
(Another Side AU) True Nobody - Roxas+Namine

Kyou Kara Maou
Nurturing - Anissina/Cheri
Gambling Man - Dan Hiri/Raven
Dark Time - MuraYuu
Keys - crossover with KH - Murata, Ulrike, Riku, Roxas, YuRiPa
(OMG!Maou) Gunning Down Romance - IC [Julia/Adelbert & Conrad]
(Grace AU) Common Ground - Lukas+spokescat
(Grace AU) Wiser By Far - puppy!Rufus, mentioned Lukas/Ken

Under the Skin - Maris+Adele (original)
Reporter of Fiction - HaruKan (Tactics)
The Wedding - Erts+Kizna (Megami Kouhosei)
In Time of Confusion - Garu/Ernest (Megami Kouhosei)
Warnings: No purpose except cute. Vague not-really but-it's-Kay-after-all S/S. The camo bikini briefs do not make an appearance here -- I still haven't really forgiven Murata for those. Love for [ profile] alarielle

Now available in Original or Original King! )
Warnings: ...totally random wtf pairing. I was dared to do it by one of the maintainers of [ profile] maouismycopilot. I was promised sex. If you've had deviant urges to pair Gwendal, who is hot, with inappropriate people, you should probably read this, and then throw a brick at my head.

I feel kinda dirty. )
Warnings: S/S. Weighty ponderings about the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything, meets its most dangerous enemy yet: Silly Fluff. And the winner is...

He never asked what enlightenment was like. )
Warnings: This fic contains S/S, which may stunt the growth of all other pairing interests. This fic also contains a pairing that is not S/S. Approach with caution. A somewhat questionable happy ending. Continuation of Last Dance. Beta-read by the wonderful [ profile] sora_ishida

I wanted to save him. )
Warnings: Oh god, it's gay porn. How did this happen? There's no plot here. Beware the total confusing lack of names and assumptions made about the novel storyline of KKM that make it a small amount less totally AU from anime. If you don't know the novel backstory for Shinou and the Sage, you will be very confused.

Also beware crazy fuck Shinou and amnesiac Sage.

Warnings: Similar to the other thing I wrote as a One Last Adventure sidestory. Segues into episode 68. Features the small child Sage, an even younger Shinou, and a lesson somewhat learned.

Today we will learn about heroes. )
Warnings: There's no Shinou. WHERE DID HE GO. I'm so confused. Who are these people? None of them have glasses.
Requestfic from here, for [ profile] swgmigraines.

For Sheeeee )
Warnings: Wacky AU!fic, finished about five minutes ago, I totally didn't have tears in my eyes at work like a sap why do you ask. Title chosen hastily from a song that came on my iPod.

You made everything that was good about my kingdom. )


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