His coronation was a joyous event, but Thor is not so sure he deserves the celebration. He cannot stop thinking of what might be, until Sif distracts him.
Contains Thor/Sif. Angst, brooding, implied circumstances that would result in Thor being king, all eventually leading to fluff and good humor. For #Thunderwar Week, to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "looking out over a silent capital in the middle of the night", theme "quiet".

.take the throne.
Asgard changed every single day, every hour, every minute. Anything could change it -- any event, and any decision. )
There are not many phoenixes left in the realms. Just enough for a couple of excitable Asgardian youths to spy a once-in-a-lifetime event that resonates deep.
Contains Thor/Sif, and Loki the third wheel. For #Thunderwar Week, written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, as children they saw a phoenix, with the theme of rebirth/resurrection.

.holding on.
She wasn't about to let Thor have all the fun. )
The gods of the Norsemen will soon leave them, and a new god has already arrived to take their place. Sif is both relieved and concerned -- and on behalf of both the Norsemen, and Thor.
Contains Thor/Sif, fluff, headcanon about backstory. Somewhat irreverent about Christianity. Young!Thor is an impulsive brat. Written because I needed some fluff, with vague inspiration from [livejournal.com profile] 30_romances prompt "gargoyle", and the [community profile] 100_women prompt "comfort".

.leaving impressions.
I was just wondering what manner of deity adorns his places of worship with such ugly creatures. )
Steve's first hookup in the 21st century isn't as discreet as he'd like. He's just going to have to hope his partner doesn't mind being the subject of gossip.
Contains Steve/Sif. (I know, what?) Grown men being gossips, women being hard to predict, and emotions being somewhat difficult for a popsicle man from the 1940s with anxiety issues. Written for the [community profile] kink_bingo square "wildcard [theme: bites/bruises]".

.the reminder.
Being adults makes us much better at gossip than some punk kids. )
Thor insists on looking after her when she's wounded in battle. But some wounds cannot be treated with bandages. There's other treatments for those, if you know how.
Contains Thor/Sif, fluff, hurt/comfort, headcanon about backstory. Filling an anonymous prompt on Tumblr, "Sif/Thor where Thor is bandaging Sif's wounds," or something along those lines. Anon, you are completely right, there isn't enough for this pairing.

.beyond land and sky.
You are being unusually cooperative, my lady. So weak from your injuries you cannot argue? )
Once upon a time, Sif had dreamed about a perfect life. But no one leads a perfect life. Everyone is flawed. Everyone comes to need things they never asked for.
Contains a hint of Thor/Sif, but mostly Sif+everyone. To an anonymous prompt on Tumblr, asking for "Sif loves the rush of battle lust in her veins, but fighting is not the same without the men she most loves at her side."

.echoes of the heart.
One woman against the world. )
Thor kisses Sif one warm afternoon, so of course she hits him. She is young and inexperienced and scared of herself... But she finds herself again when Loki takes her to task for her lashing out. And herself is angry.
Contains abstract Thor/Sif, but mostly young Loki being a teenage misogynist at Sif. Tiny misogyny and protectiveness heavily influenced by Tales of Asgard. Inspired by Jenn, a friend on Tumblr!

It should not have surprised her that Loki, of all people, saw it in a black and white way. )
Their blood rushes hot after a battle. It's only partly from the adrenaline, the danger of the fight. Part of it is because Thor keeps trying to protect Sif, and Sif is going to make him understand that she has no interest in, or need for, his protection. Forcibly, if necessary.
Contains Thor/Sif, porny content. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo square "guns/blades" and [community profile] hc_bingo square "combat".

She waited until after. )
She leads him into the woods where she plans to ambush him -- to prove something, to someone. It might be him, it might be herself. The important part is: she knows exactly what she's getting into.
Contains Thor/Sif, explicit porn, some dirty talk/dubcon play. It's just... PWP, there's nothing else to it. Written for Porn Battle to the Thor/Sif prompts: tree, wild, coquettish, wrestle, submission.

.beastly behavior.
This is not the sort of fun I thought you were beckoning me toward. )
Trapped in a storm, huddled together in a bedroll for warmth, Sif worries she might be so cold she wouldn't be able to move if something happened. Thor offers to warm her up.
Contains Thor/Sif. Contains the first 75% or so of sex. And it is technically sex in public. So, get your scandalized pearls ready to clutch! Or don't. Fills the "stranded / survival scenario" square on my [community profile] hc_bingo card. And, hey, let's say the "in public" square of my [community profile] kink_bingo card!

We will see who dies of cold weather when I hurl you out into the snow in your smallclothes. )
Thor decides to show Sif that his time in Midgard has been rewarding. But she never had any doubt of that. What she doubted was that he enjoyed being home again.
Contains one-sided/UST Thor/Sif. Fluff, followed by angst. Features men cooking in a very desirable display of manliness. For a [community profile] fic_promptly prompt: any fandom, full belly and warm heart. Day 2 & 3 of NaNo.

.the simple gesture.
I begin to think nothing has come of your banishment to Midgard but anguish and suffering. )
Thor does nothing but talk about Sif anymore. And Loki is starting to get tired of hearing about it. Maybe he should do something about that. aka, "Five Times Loki Tried To Break Up Sif And Thor, And One Time He Succeeded."
Discusses Thor/Sif, the Shadow of Thor's Greatness, and hints of your pick of the following: Thor/Loki, Sif/Loki, or Thor+Loki. Loki is the POV character.

.jealous games.
The unending admiration got on Loki's nerves. Which was why he was seeking things to dislike about Sif by the time they met. )
It was supposed to be an adventure, like in days of old. Instead, Sif finds herself once again left with the Warriors Three while Thor went all across Midgard with his new mortal friends. But she still has his voice...

Contains one-sided/historical/UST Thor/Sif. Features contemplation on how wacky cell phones are, brooding about Loki, and drinking songs. Fills the phonesex square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card, but contains no phonesex.

.long distance.
Each phone of cell had a unique string of numbers, and by inputting the number of his telephone into her telephone using the tiny buttons, it would awaken his, and they would be able to hear one another's voices simply by holding them to their ears. )
A storm in Asgard brings visitors from a thousand years in the past, bringing back to the surface all of the old questions, and the chance to correct what went wrong. Unless, of course, it doesn't.
Post-Avengers. Contains time travel, family matters, and adorable teenage gods. Attempted fix-it, attempted redemption fic. Chapters are going to be short and sweet and hopefully frequent.

(Will be updated as more chapters are added

.doomed to repeat it.
chapter 1

The storm was not natural, and few sorcerers in Asgard had the power to create it out of nothing. )


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