Zero's fear is so intense and so real that it feels like he loses control. Fortunately, he's easily distracted -- and it only takes a tiny little thing to give him a lot of perspective.
Contains spazzing. I love thinking about Zero's phobia, because it makes a lot of sense for him as a character, and even when Zero has been promoted and is out piloting an AHW in space, you can still observe him feeling queasy and uncomfortable -- overcome but not forgotten. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "watching liquid in zero-gravity distracts him from being in zero-gravity".

.mastering space.
Weightless and powerless, adrift without the force of gravity to hold him down. Tumbling through space. Falling into nothing. )
Zero has a knack for setting Erts off-balance. Even telepathy doesn't help him understand what's going on in Zero's head. The only thing that helps is rolling with it.
Contains suggestion of Erts->Zero, unusually morbid conversation, and the shocking reminder that Zero is neither stupid nor oblivious. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "say you'll haunt me".

.spirits restless and restful.
They were two dreamers looking up at the stars, like people might have done back on Zion. )
Today is a day for... drabbles!

Read more... )

Drabble List
Kingdom Hearts
Wondering - Riku gen
Vindication - Kairi+Namine
Keys - crossover with KKM - Riku, Roxas, YuRiPa, Murata, Ulrike
Bringing Him Home - Destiny Islands trio gen
On Compliments - Roxas/Axel
Ghosts - Olette+Seifer
Strange Courtships - Olette/Hayner
What You Have - Roxas/Sora
Yesterday Again - Axel+Sora
Dusk Falls - Axel+Xemnas
Who Needs Destiny - Seifer/Roxas
Phoenix - Roxas/Axel
From the Graveyard - Axel/Roxas/Sora
Sacrifices Made - DiZ+Riku
Clear Sight - Riku/Rikku
Rest for the Weary - Cloud/Aerith
Berserk - Saix/Larxene
(Another Side AU) True Nobody - Roxas+Namine

Kyou Kara Maou
Nurturing - Anissina/Cheri
Gambling Man - Dan Hiri/Raven
Dark Time - MuraYuu
Keys - crossover with KH - Murata, Ulrike, Riku, Roxas, YuRiPa
(OMG!Maou) Gunning Down Romance - IC [Julia/Adelbert & Conrad]
(Grace AU) Common Ground - Lukas+spokescat
(Grace AU) Wiser By Far - puppy!Rufus, mentioned Lukas/Ken

Under the Skin - Maris+Adele (original)
Reporter of Fiction - HaruKan (Tactics)
The Wedding - Erts+Kizna (Megami Kouhosei)
In Time of Confusion - Garu/Ernest (Megami Kouhosei)


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