In a quiet moment during their travels, it occurs to Luke that Natalia might be able to benefit from some of his hard-earned lessons about how the common folk live.
Contains slight suggested Luke/Natalia and Asch/Natalia but mostly just gen fluffy stuff. Warning for minor long-haired Lukeness. It's been a long time so I'm not 100% on any voices, forgive me. Written for a prompt on [community profile] fic_promptly: curtainfic, "he thinks he has to explain to her how shops work".

This is your first time at shops outside of Baticul, right? )
For once Saphir turns the tables on Peony, treating him to a taste of his own medicine. Jade has never seen Peony's suffering before, and it -- interests him on some level.
Written for [community profile] newgameplus EX Mode challenge, a remix of [personal profile] lynndyre's fic Substitution Reaction. Keterburg kids fic. Contains some tiny bullying and tiny trauma and tiny... something.

.animal reaction.
He didn't regret a single second of getting there, but academically, he accepted the blame for it. )
He's been starving for weeks, but there's only one person that he's willing to feed from. He'll wait as long as it takes.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt Peony/Jade: prey-bonded vampire AU - Jade returns from Akzeriuth particularly thirsty.
Implied Peony/Jade, biting, backhanded fluff, highly AU.

.the prey.
The Emperor's tame monster. Everyone on Auldrant knew it, but they didn't know how very right they were. )
Guy wishes he could say something that would make Luke feel better, now that he knows about himself. But he just makes things stranger.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt Guy/Luke: sci-fi AU - Luke is more interesting to Guy after it is revealed he’s an Al-copy.
Implied Guy/Luke, some technobabble, highly AU.

.better than human.
You're something much more special than a clone, Luke. )
Jade would say that he doesn't dislike places -- too irrational, anthropomorphizing a location -- but there's definitely something about Keterburg that he was hoping to avoid forever. Until Anise changed his mind for him.

Warnings: Little girls who grow up and old men who don't. Saucy dialogue, massive implied friend-related teasing, and people who like people who are difficult to live with. Some spoilers for Keterburg crew backstory. Written for [ profile] tales_ficathon prompt Jade/older!Anise, "snow".

.a cold night's peace.
The story of how she had 'convinced' him to come all the way out to Keterburg was only a court ruling short of blackmail. )
Arietta the Wild needs at least a touch of civilization. Not too much -- that would ruin it -- but juuust enough to get by. Maybe to be a little thrilling. There are a few words in particular she needs to learn.

Warnings: Evil Ion, evil Ion preying on Arietta, evil Ion having tea parties. If you don't know why someone named Ion might be evil, this fic may not make sense to you, but it does not technically contain spoilers. Written for [ profile] tales_ficathon prompt Ion/Arietta, "please and thank you".

.taming words.
We're having a tea party, Arietta. )
When Peony has to leave Keterburg, he decides to take his things with him.

Warnings: Slightly AU setting -- let's just pretend Nebilim never died and Jade never vanished. Fic contains bossy princes who are too clever and budding scientists who are too repressed, as well as excessive dialogue and/or banter.

This is for [ profile] steam_pilot, in exchange for lovely dorky art. ♥

.for never and ever.
Tell me you'll miss me. )
Warnings: Small, scary children. Pastfic detailing The Meeting Of the last of the Keterburg kids. Makes extensive use of extra-canon materials (Tales of Fandom, novels) to frame the fanfic; Jade's conviction to and method of meeting the prince are canon to both, and Peony's actions towards the end are canon to the novels. Contains some Jade being mean to Saphir, a lot of Peony dominating the conversation, and one referred animal autopsy.

.keeping secrets.
The prince is lonely. )
Okay, so. I don't normally do this, but [ profile] knockturnul and [ profile] maladaptive encouraged me shamelessly, such that I was unable to resist the lure of genderswapped Fabre boys. Written for the prompt "my type" at [ profile] 10_switched, where the premise is that your claimed character is of the opposite gender.
Contains snarky!Guy, female!Asch, young!Asch, Asch->Van.


Under ordinary circumstances, Gailardia Galan Gardios would never have wished a son and heir on his mortal enemies, but he made an exception for Duke Fabre, because Duke Fabre had a daughter... )
Content: Van, Guy, Guy/Asch suggestion if you squint
Warnings: AU wherein Guy is the Seventh God-General and also kind of mean. Spoilers if you don't know what the deal with Hod is.

Perhaps [ profile] unite will like. :3

They're Hod's colors, after all. )


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