Jessie is somewhat miffed to think that Billy loves his babysitter more than he loves his parents. So he is going to tell a story. The best story he can think of.
Contains Solaris-era Black Blanche family hijinx, and general questionable parenting skills. Also contains goofiness. Warning: I wrote this late at night. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt for any fandom, "lies we tell our children".

.their fairy-tale love.
I'm a busy man, Racquel, I don't spend a lot of time around babies! I've got people to shoot! )
Proposing was not on Jesiah's list of things to do, and as it turns out, accepting a proposal wasn't on Racquel's. At least, not the way that Jessie delivered it, which might not have been the best method imaginable. He'll have to do a little better if he doesn't want to get disowned.
Contains Jessie/Racquel, so of course it's pre-canon. Shocking discussion of extramarital funny business and the specter of single motherhood. Written for a [community profile] fic_promptly challenge to the theme "Forced Marriage", so... of course Billy's parents leapt to mind.

.daddy issues.
I don't need your pity. I definitely don't need your father's pity. )


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