The first round of drabble challenges is DONE!*
Everyone has one drabble now.
For those of you not playing along at home, here's a slightly tidier version of the links.

24 of 53 done!
Now for the second lap~

Where the value of done is set to "not done" because Jason is a dork and unavailable for questioning regarding his drabble.

Axel/Sora - Piece by Piece
Mulan+Sora+Disney - Lucky Mascots
PotC!Jack/Sora[+Roxas AU] - Establishing Rank (Pulling Rank) - [AU (Another Side)]
Roxas/Sora+...Sora? - Dark Reflection - AU

Namine/Riku - Outside the Light
Roxas/Riku - With Shaking Hands
Roxas/Riku, Sora/Riku - Island-kissed - AU (Another Side)
Roxas/Riku - Don't Think

Vexen and neophytes - Tolerance
Axel - The Game Shifts
Namine/Axel - The Breaking Of
Saix+Axel - Triumphs
Roxas/Axel - Just Out of Sight - AU
Roxas/Axel - Play with the Big Boys
Roxas+Sora+Demyx - Oz Heart
Roxas+Namine - Metaphor
OXIII - For the Cooperative Spirit

Twilight Town:
Seifer/Olette - A Fine Line
Rai/Kairi - Standing Up
Axel/Hayner, Axel/Roxas - What's Left of Him

Ansem/Mickey - Sharing Confidences - AU (Institution XIII)

Harry Potter: Sirius/Remus - Charmer
Tactics: Haruka/Kantarou - Bonds We Choose
Original: Jophiel - Inspired Movement
I'm in desperate need of entertainment during morning meetings. You know what that means?

You can request any fandom, any characters, any pairings, any topic that strikes you; if I'm not familiar with the fandom I'll let you know. I'd like to say around three is the limit for number of challenges per person, but I'm not planning to be very strict with it.

Make sure to include a PROMPT -- the prompt is very important.
An easy format is "Characters/Pairing: prompt". You don't have to stick to it, but it might help keep things on track. For example--
Kairi/Namine: wishful thinking
Xigbar/Demyx: string!
Luxord: why's the rum gone?

Post below and receive love in the form of 500 words of fic!

.Round One: Kingdom Hearts.
Riku/Roxas - With Shaking Hands
Vexen and neophytes - Tolerance
Axel - The Game Shifts
Riku/Namine - Outside the Light
Saix and Axel - Triumphs
Axel/Roxas - Just Out of Sight - AU
Seifer/Olette - A Fine Line
Sora/Roxas+...Sora? - Dark Reflection - AU
Ansem/Mickey - Sharing Confidences - AU (Institution XIII)
Axel/Namine - The Breaking Of
Roxas/Riku, Sora/Riku - Island-kissed - AU (Another Side)
Axel/Roxas - Play with the Big Boys
Rai/Kairi - Standing Up
Axel/Hayner, Axel/Roxas - What's Left of Him
PotC!Jack/Sora[+Roxas AU] - Establishing Rank (Pulling Rank) - [AU (Another Side)]
Riku/Roxas - Don't Think
Sora/Axel - Piece by Piece
Namine and Roxas - Metaphor
Demyx, Roxas, and Sora - Oz Heart
OXIII - For the Cooperative Spirit
Sora, Mulan, Disney - Lucky Mascots

.Round Two: Kingdom Hearts.
Sora, Ariel, Disney - Unpopular Spokesman
Riku/Roxas - Freedom
Riku/Namine - Spring Bloom
Ansem/Xehanort, Xemnas/Roxas - Turnabout
Axel/Roxas+servants - Base Desires
Vexen+Axel[+Lexaeus] - Oversights
Ansem/Mickey+Riku - Unofficial Leave - AU (Institution XIII)
Demyx - Riptide
Riku/Namine - A Study in the Absence of Darkness
Axel+Roxas - The Traumatizing Accident - AU (Another Side)
Xaldin/Saix - Shape the Young
Vexen+Roxas - A Critical Distraction
Axel/Roxas - Some Sort of Aftermath
Axel/Roxas - When the Rain Comes
Kairi - Open Heart, Open Arms ((*new!*))
Roxas+Axel+Demyx - The Culprit ((*new!*))
Xaldin+Luxord - Initiation ((*new!*))
Sora/Kairi - Fresh Start ((*new!*))

Harry Potter: Sirius/Remus - Charmer
Harry Potter: Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Fred - What Banter Brings
Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki/Hisoka - The Sweetest Thing
Tactics: Haruka/Kantarou - Bonds We Choose
Tactics: Raikou/Kantarou - Prey
Original: Jophiel - Inspired Movement
*...hides under the bed*

I'll write things. Or I'll try. Challenge-things. Just like... no more than two or something... Be gentle with the crack... I don't know enough RPverse for that... Other fandoms okay...

...I know that was such a thorough explanation, but if for some reason you need answers, comment with questions. *shifty eyes* ...maaaybe I'll answer them. *hides*

(Well, it's not like I'm writing anything responsible recently.)
The bar was rather unimpressive; on a mostly empty street, quiet and uninteresting on the outside, only recognizable for what it was in the dark because of the neon sign sketching "BUDWEISER" in bright orange light on the window. Someone opened the door just in time to let out the sounds of fist meeting flesh and a sickening groan, and a heartbeat later Jophiel stood in the doorway. A man stumbled blindly along behind him, collar firmly in the angel's hand, and he was promptly shoved out the door, where he stumbled over the two steps and landed hard on his side. A second man followed in similar fashion, without the locomotive skills. Jophiel put his hands on his hips and tilted his head, letting a long, straight curtain of brown hair fall over his shoulder. He was perhaps the oddest unconditional victor of a bar fight to ever be seen in this town -- or state: barefoot and only in stockings up to the hem of his modest knee-length tube skirt; no attempt at hips or breasts to speak of and a solid waist visible under the ruffles of his white blouse.

He took a breath, wishing he hadn't dropped his cigarette, and informed the men in a dark tenor, "Next time you boys pick a fight with a 'fuckin fairy', make sure he's the goddamn tooth fairy so you at least get pocket change." An appreciative hoot or two from inside the bar followed him as he headed back to his table.
Traveling is excellent for my creativity, which is ironic, because when I'm traveling I'm supposed to Be With People and not typing things. But since I've left the suite last Friday:

  • Daniel's story has had a major revision. This is mainly because I was displeased with his initial story -- the demon-villain that Kelvin was working for was not nearly interesting me enough; he never did get a name -- so I fixed it. It now features the lines "You are now under seal for crimes against the Kingdom of Heaven." Eric's lucky that way. I think I'm changing the structure too: Daniel gets the first suspicious bitter part, then an interlude with Kelvin and Eric, then Magda gets the third part. Jared and Matarael will both be involved. I'm ambitious, but the sequel would be theirs. The new direction has revived my interest and I want to do two different drabbles for them now.

  • Tabitha's story now has a coherent direction; I like this direction, it makes her more writeable. I feel like it's hard to write a story wherein Satan is the love interest because it moves too far into vague realms of epic whimsy instead of solidly grounded in the modern fantasy like it should be. I feel that Jude Lomenn will be a much better Lucifer than just... having Lucifer there, as I'd originally sort of half-assedly intended. (Of course he's Lucifer. It is still Tabby.) It was pointed out to me by [ profile] mozzarella that there are vague Pandora implications to her story and I love that: she just accumulates these mythic stories. Pandora, Persephone, and Eve... And it's so perfect for her.

  • And I want to write a bunch of things for my various RPs with [ profile] maladaptive: Leon and Zeke are the perfect OTP that occasionally murder each other, Sigmund has so many things to say always about his various and very emphatic beliefs, Ros is just plain awesome and I feel like writing something for her brother Raffi, the terror.

This involves too much talk about my versions of Heaven and Hell, as exists in Conspiracy of Impossibles (this sub-field being Diary of Angels), because I love talking about it. Awesome!

Read if you really like celestial myths, I guess. )


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