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The World Ends With You, "Texts from the End of the World" (Joshua+Hanekoma)

He has to do something to wile away the hours between one Day and the next, but he doesn't have a lot of options. What he does have is all the time in the world -- unlike everyone else in Shibuya.
Contains bored Joshua and all of the spoilers. Even this intro has spoilers. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "he doesn't sleep like the real Players".

.texts from the end of the world.
Neku was unconscious, sprawled in the middle of the Scramble Crossing, and Joshua was sitting on the curb nearby, leaning over his legs, utterly bored.

He'd entertained himself for a while by people-watching, but this late at night even the Scramble Crossing could be empty -- shocking, but true.

The only outlet he had was texting or calling Hanekoma. No one else could know that he didn't go to sleep when the other Players did; no one could be allowed to ask questions about his participation in the Reaper's Game; he even had to hide the fact that he was in the Realground, so he couldn't interact too much with anyone on the street and risk word getting around.

"Have you ever thought of programming more entertaining games for flip phones?" he typed.

In his boredom, the wait for a response felt like an hour.

"Should've planned ahead boss," Hanekoma responded helpfully.

"Your lack of commas disgusts me," Joshua sent back, because if Hanekoma was going to be a brat about this, so was he.

"Any grammar & spelling that isn't wrong is autocorrect"

Joshua rolled his eyes.

The games on his phone kept him busy until he was physically sick of them, and then he sighed. His fingers reflexively opened the app labeled "Composer", just to survey Shibuya and verify that it was operating well -- if at its usual level of awfulness and egotism. But that wouldn't work from the Realground either.

Just to relieve a few minutes of emptiness, he relocated himself to the top of the tallest dumpster he could find to check out the view. It wasn't bad.

"I should go on vacation," he texted Hanekoma.


"Somewhere in the mountains. Wouldn't it be nice to see the stars in the sky for once?"

He waited for the response, which came promptly: "You realize they don't have omnipresent wifi there"

Ugh, well, the big drawback to rural, mountainous countryside was that it was rural, mountainous countryside.

"Maybe after I destroy Shibuya I'll be able to see the stars here," he typed.

His eyes narrowed as he waited again -- for, he thought, just a little bit too long. Then his phone lit up with Hanekoma's message, "Best time for a vacation tho"

"That's true." Once he rebooted Shibuya, he wouldn't have much work until he got it started again; after that he'd have to give it his almost constant attention.

He diverted his attention briefly to Neku, who, of course, hadn't moved.

"You'd better make this worth my while," he said. "If I had to endure hours of this to get you through this Game and you don't even win, I won't get my vacation."

He definitely needed a break from all this doing nothing.

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