She doesn't know much about Beat, but she's grown to care about him fast in the scant time -- only minutes, really -- that they've been partners. He must remind her of her own brother.
Contains siblingy cute and angst, as well as reference to Rhyme's entry fee implied by the game. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "the stranger she formed a pact with" (theme: love).

.lost and found.
Joshua can complain about anything under the sun, but some complaints are more serious -- and more meaningful -- than others.
Contains Joshua, a warning in and of itself. Written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt: "of course Joshua has complaints about e-books".

Is it like giving up canvas to do street art? )
He has to do something to wile away the hours between one Day and the next, but he doesn't have a lot of options. What he does have is all the time in the world -- unlike everyone else in Shibuya.
Contains bored Joshua and all of the spoilers. Even this intro has spoilers. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "he doesn't sleep like the real Players".

.texts from the end of the world.
Have you ever thought of programming more entertaining games for flip phones? )
After seven days of hell, Yashiro Uzuki was still dead. She hadn't made peace with herself. She hadn't become a better person. She hadn't learned the value of life - or whatever you were supposed to learn. But all of that was part of why the Reaper who tormented her decided to come get her.
Contains approximately 100% headcanon. I did a lot of thinking about why Uzuki was in the Game, what was holding her back, and what her entry fee would have been. It's not even half covered in here, but I really liked writing in Kariya's POV. Written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "they meet again as allies the day after her Game ends".

.unresolved issues.
It wasn't hard, really, to see when a person was dragging themselves down. )
She wanted so much to be Eri but she never really thought about what that would mean giving up. What finally drives it home for her is clothing -- perhaps naturally.
Contains core character issues expressed via pretty clothes. Little drabble to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "she finds that she's disappointed to look in the mirror and see Eri". I've got a lot of those prompts to post by now...

Fashion is important, Neku. )
Flashbang high-life city girl + peaceful autumn temple = culture shock. Kariya is determined to introduce a little bit of variety into Uzuki's life, whether she likes it or not.
Contains slight shippiness, but mostly snark and complaining. You should ship them anyway. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "dead leaves on the ground" some time ago.

.relaxation techniques.
This is a vacation, Uzuki. You're supposed to be the opposite of tense and unhappy. Breathe. Let it go. )
Rhyme goes to the WildKat to find a little peace of mind, even though she's been told that it's abandoned. But she could use advice and she hopes against hope that Shibuya's most mysterious barista can give it to her.
Contains tragic entry fees, subtle clues, and the potential implication that none of this is really happening. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "Any, pumpkin soup and sympathy"

.wake up.
Neku had been right. Mr. H was gone. )
Rhyme manages to coerce Neku into responding to one of Joshua's annoying text messages. Joshua immediately makes him regret it.
Contains bickering and philosophical questions. Also Joshua being Joshua. I want to write more Neku and Rhyme... Written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "Neku+Joshua, TELEPHONE, n. An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance."

.a study in reasonable assumptions.
Under her baggy pants and steel-toed boots Neku had been amused to discover that she was wearing pink socks with yellow punctuation marks on them. )
Something draws Shiki into the candy shop, and once she's in there she realizes that she's thinking a little too seriously about Valentine's Day gifts.
Contains girls being cute together and ambiguously romantic feelings about whoever you would like them to be about. Future fic. Warning for graphic descriptions of a chocolate shop. Written for a [community profile] fic_promptly photo prompt here.

.a very serious gift.
Sweets make you sweet. )
She's never thought of herself as being worthy of Eri's clothes before, but she also has never known how much she valued herself before.
Contains Shiki and Eri being cute/shippy/both. Warnings for makeovers and descriptions of clothes, although this is The World Ends With You, so if you aren't at least peripherally okay with fashion, what are you doing here? For [community profile] fic_promptly, "Shiki+/Eri, she looks totally different when Eri dresses her up", here.

.playing dress-up.
You were drowning yourself in those big cardigans and shapeless skirts. )
For three weeks he's been tormented by creatures who may or may not exist and who may or may not wish him harm. They keep him awake at night and harass him during the day. He's beginning to fray at the edges...
To the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "angels and demons AU". It's slightly cheating because one party was already an angel, but I decided to take it to a different place and basically make them larger, more annoying versions of shoulder angels and demons. Also, picked a name for Neku's backstory friend.

.divine evolution.
It was almost unfair that they got along so well with each other when their fighting over him was driving him insane. )
Hanekoma's innocent act doesn't fool Joshua. He has contemplated his options and done his research and now he's ready. The only thing left to do is the hardest thing: communicate.
Contains Joshua+Hanekoma interaction, post-game complete with spoilers and headcanons and all that good stuff. Angst, woobie sociopaths, and people being unrepentant about bad behavior. In response to [personal profile] oneill's lovely prompt on [community profile] fic_promptly, "Joshua and Hanekoma, what we've got here is failure to communicate." He might not have been expecting quite this take on it.

We've gone from merely hiding our true thoughts to not speaking at all. Do you see how this isn't progress, dear? )
Mr. H is a man full of secrets. So many secrets, in fact, that it's hard even to learn where he lives -- even for Joshua. This injustice is finally being remedied.
Contains Hanekoma/Joshua, excessive banter, and incredible spoilers for the post-game content. Written for my [community profile] fic_promptly prompt: "Hanekoma/Joshua: to fix the poison that's killing Shibuya".

But I'm not just a humble barista... )
Warnings: Spoilers up to the end credits. Indirect death, lots of theorying, and stubbornness. The gen beast strikes! Canonical to the Red Queen's Evolution series.
"Hmm...something Joshua centric? Maybe something to do with his death? [...] know. Something to do with Joshua's death *hit*."

.song of the lonely.
for [ profile] qarbaqe for the [ profile] thewewyfanfic exchange
Everybody pays in Sanae Hanekoma's restaurant -- no matter how often they came in, seeking a little emotional connection, a little understanding, more than a bite to eat. )
Warnings: Spoilers up to the end credits. Cities and their caretakers falling in love, memories of murder of the most foul sort, unexpected promotions, present tense.
Chronology: Lover's Song I, The Red Queen's Race, Lover's Song II, The Red Queen's Evolution (that's this one)
Contains Neku/Joshua.

.the red queen's evolution.
Sometimes you need to evolve just to stay where you were relative to the others in your ecosystem. )
Warnings: Spoilers up to the end credits. Cities and their caretakers falling in love, memories of murder of the most foul sort, present tense.
Chronology: Lover's Song I, The Red Queen's Race, Lover's Song II (that's this one)
Contains Joshua, one-sided Neku/Joshua.

.lover's song ii.
He's been thinking a lot of uncharacteristic things lately. )
Warnings: Spoilers up to the end credits. Cities and their caretakers falling in love, murder of the most foul sort, present tense. Sort of a prequel to The Red Queen's Race but standalone. Also, much shorter.
Contains Joshua, one-sided Neku/Joshua.

.lover's song i.
He hasn't wanted anything for himself in so long. )
Warnings: Post-game, spoilers up to the damn end credits. Creativity on a divine scale, shocking forgiveness in the face of complete asshattery, a new CAT, and Alice in Wonderland references.
Contains Neku, Joshua, and very subjective implications of Neku/Joshua.

.the red queen's race.

A slow sort of country! Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! )


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