The problem is that Rita doesn't know what to give the princess who has everything when the holidays roll around. As usual, Estelle ends up helping her far more than expected.
Contains Rita/Estelle. Mostly fluff, not shockingly. For the [community profile] femfeb_prompt: "girls giving each other jewelry".

.instructions in thoughtful gift-giving.
>Gift idea: Holly's Orn., xr Royal Av & 19th, pastel wire bib necklace. )
At a certain point, no matter how perfect the perfect picnic spot might be, it's not worth the effort of going there. Estelle has reached that point.
Contains Estelle/Rita, fluff. Written for a prompt at [community profile] no_true_pair: "Next time (assuming there is a next time), Estelle isn't going to let Rita do the navigating."

.finding the perfect place.
Rita made it seem unfathomably difficult. )
"Wet, cold, perfect."

Contains Estelle/Flynn, fluff. Written for a prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly to the theme "umbrella", and the prompt "umbrella" at [community profile] no_true_pair! It was obviously kismet.

Flynn's mind was far away. )
The fairy tales she's read in books don't relate to what she's experienced. She'll write her own and share it with the world instead.

Contains the slowest, fluffiest development of Estelle/Rita ever. Very post-game. References the Fairytale Weaver sidequest. No warnings, except holy crap, almost 5000 words.

.weave our future.
She had the house, and the career, and now all she needed was the... )
"A rainy day seen from high above."

All Estelle. Mostly introspection, completely and utterly safe. Written for my own prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly, to the theme "umbrella".

.room with a view.
She had read a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand books like these. )
A series of 300-word drabbles for Tales of Vesperia. Spoilers involved.
Written in response to Typetrigger prompts. It turns out that 300 words is longer than I thought. I wrote a lot of them because I felt they were too short to post just a few at a time and then... this post was huge with eleven 300-word drabbles. So I cut it in half. Here are the first six prompts:

watermelon seeds: young Flynn, young Yuri
pour the milk: Estelle, Ioder
the spice rack: Flynn, Judith, Yuri
alone with you: Estelle, Raven
uncertainty: Sodia, (Flynn)
turns to hate: Flynn, (Alexei)

Any suggestions for future ones? Any votes on what series I do next? You can tell me in the comments~

Read more... )


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