He thought no one else would come to the ruined world of their origin, but when Xemnas finds him there, Saix decides that it's time to prove that he is not chained to the past.
Contains Saix+Xemnas and Saix+Axel in vaguely UST flavors if you'd like it to be there (with a little Xigbar for the lulz). Warning for mostly consensual scarification and Nobodies being terrible at friends. Written because [personal profile] temples demanded it, for the [livejournal.com profile] fanfic50 prompt "pain".

.waxing and waning.
This, Saix realized with crystal clarity, was an opportunity... one that he could not pass up. )
Warnings: Not your usual hero. Saladfic. Kafka hates this story. Featuring cameos from a Princess of Heart and a dead Nobody. Namelessness.

Hearts rained from the sky and the Dusks dance and collect the hearts and then they have won, they are human again, and they rejoice! Only... Not really.

This can't happen. Not now. I have everything I've ever wanted. )
Written for [livejournal.com profile] shoiryu because she's tired of hearts and existential wangst and for [livejournal.com profile] libekory for suggesting the prompt "candlelight and kittens." Unfortunately, Axel ate all the kittens en route to the fic.

In the snake's nest )
Drabble: Axel and Vexen, fire and ice
No warnings, no spoilers, OXIII business. Part two round two of my drabble exchange with [livejournal.com profile] libekory~ I like this one better, possibly because it's not Axel narrative, and other people do that so much more awesometastically than I do. XD I apologize for the part where I make Demyx look retarded, but, uh. The misconception had to be addressed. A lot of KH fans are confused by this! Listen to Axel, he speaks the truth.

Frozen. )
Drabble: Saix and Axel, "respect"
No warnings, no spoilers, OXIII business. Exactly 500 words, oh snap. Part one round two of my drabble exchange with [livejournal.com profile] libekory~ Axel narrative makes me sad, but I'm liking the idea of more drabbles, so I might get around to requesting some of the general public soon. ♥

Nobodies did not often come in the shapes of men. )
Warning: This fic contains Nobodies bashing friendship and suffering from warmfuzzy feelings.

The rare Assassin enemy -- Axel's Nobody servants -- will self-destruct if you get them to a low level of health and fail to kill them quickly. [livejournal.com profile] refracting informed me that Roxas doesn't approve.

Personally, Axel was interested in finding out how flammable the local card-folk were. )
Warnings: Parallelism lawl. Implications of Axel/Larxene and Axel/Roxas and Larxene/Marluxia and Marluxia/some sort of potted plant, and I'm so full of implications nobody actually touches anybody else. (Well, except for that potted plant.) Written because of [livejournal.com profile] chibimazoku, as many Larxene fics are. X3

She liked knives. )
Notes: Now featuring slashy! Timeline may or may not be ALL WRONG: it's been long enough for Roxas and Axel to be accustomed to one another, but still questioning, and Riku has appeared, I think. I took some liberties with unknown facts, but, uh, Roxas takes some liberties here too. Totally prompted by discussion in the wacky AU I was roleplaying last night with Li, but it's not meant to be AU.

No one has ever accused Number Thirteen of having an overactive sense of humor. )
Warning: Shenanigans. Some of them slashy. Read at your own risk. It's remarkable what I can blame on RP, even though [livejournal.com profile] ruinreverse hasn't started yet and it was technically [livejournal.com profile] maladaptive's fault.

Beach adventure time, go! )
Warnings: Yeah, I'm sure nobody's ever written about the moment when Roxas walks away from Axel before. I'm like soooo original. In my head this wanted to be extremely short and terse, like 200 words or something, but I underestimated my persistent verbosity and it's like three whole times that length.

Call it intuition. )
Warnings: Nobodies have no hearts and no emotions, but they might fool you. This piece is partly because Roxas is awesome, partly because Axel is awesome, and partly because Demyx is awesome. Idea totally partly lifted from [livejournal.com profile] madfnorder's rambling.

Die with dignity )
Warnings: Three disconnected Nobody drabbles, some very short, some less very short. None especially shippy except for apparently a Sora/Namine...? Because Kay is weird like that. No spoilers for KH2 (unless you didn't know Roxas was in OXIII, in which case, sorry?) but kind of one for KH:CoM in the last drabble.

Unknown: Roxas on joining OXIII )

* * *

Drink and Be Merry: Roxas+Axel in a... bar? )

* * *

Becoming Real: Sora/Namine if he had chosen her over memory )


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