There are not many phoenixes left in the realms. Just enough for a couple of excitable Asgardian youths to spy a once-in-a-lifetime event that resonates deep.
Contains Thor/Sif, and Loki the third wheel. For #Thunderwar Week, written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, as children they saw a phoenix, with the theme of rebirth/resurrection.

.holding on.
She wasn't about to let Thor have all the fun. )
Thor kisses Sif one warm afternoon, so of course she hits him. She is young and inexperienced and scared of herself... But she finds herself again when Loki takes her to task for her lashing out. And herself is angry.
Contains abstract Thor/Sif, but mostly young Loki being a teenage misogynist at Sif. Tiny misogyny and protectiveness heavily influenced by Tales of Asgard. Inspired by Jenn, a friend on Tumblr!

It should not have surprised her that Loki, of all people, saw it in a black and white way. )
Loki managed to survive in Jotunheim long enough to reach maturity -- but his people will always consider him a child, unworthy of respect and certainly not a throne, as long as he remains untouched. The trick is to find a willing frost giant... and to make sure his body is ready. But Loki isn't about to let such silly hurdles get in the way of his ambitions.
Contains porn, and OC Angrboda/Loki. An AU in the same series as Winter's Service, where Loki grew up on Jotunheim in the care of the frost giant who found him instead of Odin. This is part of his growing-up. Jotunheim-centric, with mostly original characters.

.the determined.
They are saying that Byleistr has become an adult. )
One particularly hot summer, Thor finds Loki languishing in the heat. He never expected to find that languishing sensual... or to find it haunting him. He can't get those images out of his mind...
Contains Thor/Loki fantasizing, one-sided. Oblivious Loki, and guilty Thor. Written for a norsekink prompt, the [community profile] kink_bingo prompt "pervertibles", and the Porn Battle prompts "ice, melt/melting".

To be honest, Thor had forgotten about it. A few hundred years without a reminder had erased it thoroughly from his conscious thoughts. )
It began as a necessity, but it isn't anymore. Now Loki is old enough to find his own partners, to sate his own needs. Now they still do it because they can, because they like it, and perhaps, because they don't know what else to do. Odin does not have the strength to stop it.
Contains explicit porn, incest, underage, characters in heat, questionable consent, sequential intersexuality, and extremely unhealthy relationships. Written for a prompt on norsekink. I apologize to everyone who reads this for its content.

.what we speak not of.
Perhaps the night that Loki came to him was punishment for his hypocrisy. )
The source of magic is wisdom, and the source of wisdom is using one's power in service of the greater good, the country. Loki has no country, not anymore. If he wants to keep his magic, he needs to find a mortal ruler who is worthy of his service. ...But one finds him, first.
As per the request, contains slight what-if AU, introducing restrictions on magic that force a sorcerer to be in the service of a sovereign. Also contains Loki being spoiled, Doombots, and Victor showing complete disregard for personal property, both his own and other people's.

.in a king's name.
He saw endless news stories about weak leaders, political bickering, economic turmoil, greed and prejudice and ignorance, and it disgusted him to merely be in a position where he had to so much as consider binding himself to one of these petty mortals. )
If Thor wants to become King of Asgard, he must first take a frost giant to be his queen. No one is happy with this. And yet, somehow, happiness is found.
Contains Thor/Loki in an alternate universe where Loki is rescued by a Jotun instead of Odin. Contains a small amount of sexy content, a weird variation on intersex Jotun, pregnancy, discussion of infanticide and miscarriage, coerced marriage, fantasy racism, tangential misogyny, and characters who are flawed and sometimes mean or petty or misinformed but still intended to be likable. But mostly contains fluff. In five parts, posted here together; forms a bingo for my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card. Written for [profile] libekory as a ridiculously ambitious Christmas gift! ♥

.a backwards courtship.
To say that Thor was not looking forward to his impending marriage was to drastically understate it. )
Thor does nothing but talk about Sif anymore. And Loki is starting to get tired of hearing about it. Maybe he should do something about that. aka, "Five Times Loki Tried To Break Up Sif And Thor, And One Time He Succeeded."
Discusses Thor/Sif, the Shadow of Thor's Greatness, and hints of your pick of the following: Thor/Loki, Sif/Loki, or Thor+Loki. Loki is the POV character.

.jealous games.
The unending admiration got on Loki's nerves. Which was why he was seeking things to dislike about Sif by the time they met. )
Everyone knows that a drunken Thor is a handsy Thor. There are no personal space or privacy issues for him. And his friends are sick of it, so they make Loki take him to bed. But a drunk Thor is not a picky Thor, either...

Thor/Loki. Contains explicit sexual content. As per the request, contains noncon, drunkenness, and pseudo-incest (pre-canon; they think they're brothers). Fills the consent play square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.

.in his cups.
He is not so drunk that he will not recognize you. You are his brother. You will be safe. )
After the Avengers, Thor thanked them for helping him retrieve his property. He didn't mean the Tesseract. He meant his charming, clever, sarcastic thrall, who is currently furious and defiant and in need of (and looking forward to) a reminder of his place. At wonderful, exhausting length. Then Thor will be able to bring him back to his friends, introduce them to the real Loki, and... thank them properly.

Thor/Loki, Avengers/Loki. Contains explicit sexual content. As per the request, some dubious sexual content, some dominance, some polyamory negotiation, and some fluff and silliness along with your hardcore porn. Fills the wet/messy/dirty square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.

Irredeemable porn under here. )
Odin's legendary mount Sleipnir was given to him as a gift by Loki, and it is the finest gift anyone could have asked for. But he is no ordinary gift, as only one person in all the realms knows. He is a lesson in the glory that Loki can achieve if he sets his mind to it... and in the methods that will bring him to that glory. But the lesson was almost very different.
Gen. Features magical male pregnancy, non-graphic violent childbirth, blood. Does not feature Mother of the Year!Loki.

.flawed design.
Don't even think it, Brother. Your gift will never match mine, not this time. )
Laufey's heir is clever -- and ambitious. He's not content merely to trap the son of Odin and extract a ransom from his powerful father. He wants to have all that strength, all that power, all that glory -- submit to his will.

Thor/Jotun!Loki. Contains explicit sexual content, oral exclusively at the moment, later content will involve Thor as service top, as per the request. Also non-consensual sex, mind control, slavery, xenophobia/xenokink, all sorts of things oh god.

All parts included.

.winter's service.
He had been deceived. )
There's something Loki has to do before he can execute his plans. Something he has to make sure of. He needs to be free, and that means he has to fulfill his promise: he has to find Jane Foster.
Implied Thor/Jane, murderous thoughts but no depicted violence. Villains trying to be villainous, mostly succeeding in being woobie. Loki feelings ahead.

.in order to move on.
The province of New Mexico was not a step in his plans, nor anyone's. )
A storm in Asgard brings visitors from a thousand years in the past, bringing back to the surface all of the old questions, and the chance to correct what went wrong. Unless, of course, it doesn't.
Post-Avengers. Contains time travel, family matters, and adorable teenage gods. Attempted fix-it, attempted redemption fic. Chapters are going to be short and sweet and hopefully frequent.

(Will be updated as more chapters are added

.doomed to repeat it.
chapter 1

The storm was not natural, and few sorcerers in Asgard had the power to create it out of nothing. )
As a prisoner, Loki is given no rights; not even the right to look like a god. It angers Thor, but he had no idea how it would affect Loki.
Contains some angst, some fluff, some pseudo-incest, so... nothing too far from canon. Spoilers for Thor, and implied for Avengers. There's a kiss, but the fic is gen.

.ice breaks.
Thor was the only one who remembered a slight boy, a hopeless evening when that boy whispered, will they ever stop laughing at me for being weak...? )


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