Judith is enjoying a beautiful winter day in Dahngrest, but it's easy to enjoy from behind a window, in a room with a fire, a mug of hot cocoa, and someone who gets her.
Contains unrepentant fluffing and a silent understanding that is 100% them. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "Tales of Vesperia, Judith/Yuri, content".

.hot cocoa.
Yuri had given her comfort. Karol had given her a home. )
The problem is that Rita doesn't know what to give the princess who has everything when the holidays roll around. As usual, Estelle ends up helping her far more than expected.
Contains Rita/Estelle. Mostly fluff, not shockingly. For the [community profile] femfeb_prompt: "girls giving each other jewelry".

.instructions in thoughtful gift-giving.
>Gift idea: Holly's Orn., xr Royal Av & 19th, pastel wire bib necklace. )
When Flynn's new uniform is finally ready, he finds himself faced with doubts about the future and about himself. But he isn't alone.
Aside from spoilers, no real warnings. Written for a prompt at [community profile] no_true_pair: "Congratulations!"

.breaking with tradition.
Flynn gazed at his reflection for a moment longer, feeling very far away from it. )
At a certain point, no matter how perfect the perfect picnic spot might be, it's not worth the effort of going there. Estelle has reached that point.
Contains Estelle/Rita, fluff. Written for a prompt at [community profile] no_true_pair: "Next time (assuming there is a next time), Estelle isn't going to let Rita do the navigating."

.finding the perfect place.
Rita made it seem unfathomably difficult. )
A calamity has unexpectedly reunited two old friends, but things aren't the way they used to be.
Written for the [community profile] areyougame prompt Yuri/Flynn: pirate au - "shipwreck and rescue". Therefore it is AU, of course. Short and slightly late, because I've been sick for roughly the last week. Sorry!

.the peerless and the black blade.
If he hadn't lost his shoes in the ocean, Flynn would have kicked the bars in frustration. )
"Wet, cold, perfect."

Contains Estelle/Flynn, fluff. Written for a prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly to the theme "umbrella", and the prompt "umbrella" at [community profile] no_true_pair! It was obviously kismet.

Flynn's mind was far away. )
The knights have to deal with troublemakers in bars all the time. They're usually not commanding officers. But Raven isn't trouble as much as he's just troubling.

Written for [community profile] areyougame, to the prompt: Raven/Flynn: drunk and disorderly - of the two of them, Casey was most like him.
Contains spoilers for everything Raven; light angst.

Raven smiled, but it was painful. Everything was a little painful. )
The Children of the Full Moon must be watched: all of them. Duke knows well how fast the imperial heirs must grow up.

Contains Ioder and Duke. Chronology is shortly after the Great War, some spoilers for after the game. Very strange. Inspired by the [community profile] no_true_pair prompt: "Duke+Ioder, with a cherry on top." So of course it's strange.

A miserable quest and a miserable story, and one that Duke knew by heart. )
The fairy tales she's read in books don't relate to what she's experienced. She'll write her own and share it with the world instead.

Contains the slowest, fluffiest development of Estelle/Rita ever. Very post-game. References the Fairytale Weaver sidequest. No warnings, except holy crap, almost 5000 words.

.weave our future.
She had the house, and the career, and now all she needed was the... )
"His dreams are empty."

Contains Raven, some Yuri, some angst. Warning for spoilery everything involving Raven, ever. Written for my own prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly, to the theme "dream".

.empty life.
He dimly recalled the way he used to dream. )
"A rainy day seen from high above."

All Estelle. Mostly introspection, completely and utterly safe. Written for my own prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly, to the theme "umbrella".

.room with a view.
She had read a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand books like these. )
The prince has been rescued, but Flynn can't help feeling like he's still adrift. And it's his responsibility to bring him back. Right?

Contains spoilers only if you don't know who Ioder is yet, in which case, go back and play the game for another hour or so. Tinily angsty but also fluffy and hopeful. No warnings.

He must have been frustrated. He must have been blaming himself. )
"Walking like this, they look like a couple."

Contains Yuri/Judith, flirtation, cuteness. Written for my own prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly, to the theme "umbrella".

.starting rumors.
Capua Nor was actually quite nice without the weather-controlling blastia. )
She decided to teach him her ancient language; on a whim, really. Or so she told herself.

Contains Yuri/Judith and Judith novel references that are probably going to become meaningless as I continue translating it. But the idea appeared in my brain, and now it's in a fic.

.keep a secret.
That doesn't sound like something I'd do. )
"They weren't expecting Flynn to be the one to bring it up."

Contains Yuri/Judith -> Yuri/Judith/Flynn. Yeah. Don't read it. Contains nonexplicit sexuality, and only the minorest of spoilers. Written for [personal profile] cypher's prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly.

.move out, move in.
I don't even remember admitting we were a couple. )
A series of 300-word drabbles for Tales of Vesperia. Spoilers involved.
Written in response to the folowing Typetrigger prompts. Follows [very belatedly] the previous post. Here are the second six prompts:

who is that?: Flynn, Sodia, (Yuri)
a place to go: Duke, Khroma: Khroma -> Duke
invisible: Rita, Estelle: Rita -> Estelle
can't complain: Raven, Yuri
best behavior: Flynn, Yuri
this good forever: Judith, Repede, Yuri: Yuri/Judith

Any suggestions for future ones? Any votes on what series I do next? You can tell me in the comments~

Read more... )


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