Steve's first hookup in the 21st century isn't as discreet as he'd like. He's just going to have to hope his partner doesn't mind being the subject of gossip.
Contains Steve/Sif. (I know, what?) Grown men being gossips, women being hard to predict, and emotions being somewhat difficult for a popsicle man from the 1940s with anxiety issues. Written for the [community profile] kink_bingo square "wildcard [theme: bites/bruises]".

.the reminder.
Being adults makes us much better at gossip than some punk kids. )
Tony can get just about anything that he wants if he puts his mind and any effort into it. Bruce is just going to have to learn to remember that.
Contains Tony/Bruce, of a porny nature. Canon mentioned in The Incredible Hulk is used. Written for Porn Battle, to the prompts: control, other guy, pulse, experimental, rage.

.out of his head.
Whatever cruel uncaring God was out there forbid that he should slip and kill someone whose only crime was wanting to give him pleasure. )
What if Clint hadn't made a different call when he was tasked to kill the Black Widow? Well... Tony still needs a notary, doesn't he?
Inspired by the what-if prompt on [community profile] fic_promptly, What if Clint hadn't made a different call? For some reason instead of anything involving Clint and Natasha, these alternate scenes from Iron Man 2 popped into my head.

.wrong person.
Clinton Brown. I'm from Legal. )
Near-death experiences, as Tony has learned well, have a way of getting you thinking about your life and your accomplishments. He doesn't want everything he has to end when he does. He wants... to leave someone behind.

Contains Tony/Pepper. Features people using cell phones with more familiarity than the last one, near-death experiences, literary references, and post-Avengers movie trauma/humor to deflect the trauma. Fills the sacrifice square on my [community profile] hc_bingo card.

You didn't. Even. Pick up the phone. )
After the Avengers, Thor thanked them for helping him retrieve his property. He didn't mean the Tesseract. He meant his charming, clever, sarcastic thrall, who is currently furious and defiant and in need of (and looking forward to) a reminder of his place. At wonderful, exhausting length. Then Thor will be able to bring him back to his friends, introduce them to the real Loki, and... thank them properly.

Thor/Loki, Avengers/Loki. Contains explicit sexual content. As per the request, some dubious sexual content, some dominance, some polyamory negotiation, and some fluff and silliness along with your hardcore porn. Fills the wet/messy/dirty square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.

Irredeemable porn under here. )
Let's face it: most people living Tony Stark's lifestyle would have zero stressors, unless they get bored of perfection, or can't handle Tony.
Contains efforts to prove that I can write something that isn't wholly contained to Thor canon or my love affair with Loki's tragedy. Also, silliness. Written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "Avengers, Bruce, it's not easy being green".

.the generous host.
Bruce had never lived in a twenty-five thousand square foot mansion before, so he accepted the offer. )


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