She's nervous, very nervous, about the idea of telling Marie that she's interested in him. Making her even more nervous is the fact that every time she steals a glance at him, he's looking back at her.
Contains shameless fluff. I might never tire of writing the two of them mooning over each other and awkwardly sharing feelings, even though I want to shout, "KISS!" every time they interact. For the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "he can always seem to tell when she's looking".

It was deeply unnerving to her that she liked Marie, and that he knew her name, and worried about her, and had even held her in his arms when she was weak and exhausted. )
Sometimes she thinks she will go mad with all the things that she hates about her life, but it helps that now she has a friend near her own age and a few useful escapes that she can indulge in.
Contains tiny miserable children being cute together. They probably will both relate to this book. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "Lenalee+/Kanda: she read him books when they were children".

.in wonderland.
You're being distracting and you're not helping yourself. Stop talking. Stop fidgeting. Stop thinking. )
A dream of a peaceful day a short distance from the Order HQ; in which Link relaxes a notch and Allen learns about the classics.

No warnings, no spoilers, no pairings. Just cute. Written to the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt "Shade".

.learning to breathe.
I won't tell anyone you were sleeping on the job. )
Link woke up on the floor of Allen Walker's destroyed cell with no memory of what happened. And it was slowly starting to drive him crazy.

Tangentially implied Link->Allen, warnings for total AU from chapter 205. Sort of a what-if. Spoilers through the current chapters. Some creepy from you-know-who.

Inspector Link. Central is ready for your report. )
1. Pick a letter.
2. Pick a prompt that starts with that letter (ex. K is for Keyhole)
3. Pick a fandom and a character or pairing.
4. Comment, and I'll write you a drabble!

Yoinked from [ profile] sugarpeach_tea. I need to get back into the writing habit. Help me!

You can request from any fandom I know, but preferred fandoms are: Bleach, Code Geass, D. Gray-man, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of [the Abyss/Symphonia/Vesperia], and Xenogears.

A[ir] - Ven+Aqua - [ profile] ladycrysiana
D[uty] - Renji/Rukia - [ profile] fiannan
E[ternity] - Fei/Elly - [ profile] ang3l_sh1
G[rowing] - Terra+Riku - [ profile] chesauroshin
H[istory] - Yuri+Flynn+Repede - [ profile] libekory
I[ncapacitated] - Lavi/Allen - [ profile] apapazukamori
J[ubilant] - Kanda/Lenalee - [ profile] hashire
M[eeting] - Xemnas+Vanitas - [ profile] pandamneris
R[ope] - Lavi/Allen - [ profile] saave
S[cience] - Lloyd+Cecile+Rakshata - [ profile] terrykun
T[ea party] - Aqua+Terra+Ven - [ profile] lacunarity
W[ake] - Racquel+Primera+Billy Lee Black - [ profile] that_oneill_guy
Y[es] - Urahara/Yoruichi - [ profile] inclination_fic
The new uniforms had brought about a very few positive effects, in Kanda's book, but mostly they had prompted one very, very big negative -- they had made him look at Lenalee.
Written for [ profile] springkink, to the prompt Kanda/Lenalee: obsession/denial; "She intrigues him, which he finds disturbing." Mild sensuality, unless you're Komui, in which case mind-blowing sensuality. Partly inspired by this crack image from Gray Ark.

uniform discipline
She had always remained on his mind, even after all this time. But now he thought of other things. )
It's all over. It's all supposed to be over. But for some of them, it will never be over. And Allen didn't think he'd be one of them.

Warnings: Post-canon scattered vaguely darkfic. Features paranoia paranoia everyone's coming to get me, the almost-strangling of a small boy, implications of *gasp* HET. Non-explicit boysex.
Contains Lavi/Allen.

(but just because they were human yesterday didn't mean they were human today) )
There's bound to be some tension when you have to live captive in a house with a general, a monster, and a ghost.

Warnings: Spoilers about the 14th. Theories about the 14th. Theories about Lavi.
Kinda follows His Borrowed Toys and His Broken Remnants. For [personal profile] demiurgic~

.his never home.
An akuma? )
Walker returns to the house of his birth, his youth. He remembers his own life, and he remembers the life of the boy called Allen Walker in his honor, and something begins to change.

Warnings: Spoilers about the 14th. Theories about the 14th. Theories about Lavi and Allen. CRAZY theories, for reals you guys.
Contains vague hints of Lavi/14th & Lavi/Allen. Kinda follows His Borrowed Toys. Holiday fic for [personal profile] demiurgic, prompt 14th/Lavi, gift.

.his broken remnants.
The family prosperity had ended quite thoroughly with Allen Walker. )
The only way to not freeze to death is to make Kanda less of a stubborn bastard. The only one who could save both their lives is clearly Lenalee.
Contains Kanda/Lenalee. Holiday fic for [ profile] hashire, prompt "Kanda/Lenalee, stuck in a snowstorm".

.survivalist waiting game.
I wish Lavi were here. / I don't. )
Komui recruits Kanda to deal with a RATHER STICKY SITUATION. :D
Contains Kanda/Lenalee. Holiday fic for [ profile] p_sky, prompt "Kanda/Lenalee/Komui, something holidayish".

.conflict of interests.
The squeaking noise was what gave Komui away. )
Christmas is a trying time for Allen, but Lavi doesn't plan to give Allen anything ordinary. He has to give Allen something thoughtful. Something unique. Something -- irreplaceable.

Contains Lavi/Allen. For the Lavi/Allen prompt "Late". Slightly saladfic'd. Lavi is stubborn and also creative. Completely unfounded extrapolations of canon. Part of the Phoenix chronology, but not directly following Sparking.

.phoenix generous.
Lenalee had decided that it was outrageous that Allen should be expected to give other people gifts on the day he celebrated as his birthday. )
Making the train fare back to London (plus a little extra for their troubles) is easy work when they have a perfect memory and a perfect poker face between them. The perfect pair, maybe.

Contains Lavi/Allen for realz. For the Lavi/Allen prompt "Joker". Cheating at cards, creative truths, distracting impulses, and other unscrupulous behavior. Suggestion of sexuality. Part of the Phoenix chronology.

He was very rapidly starting to be in an excellent mood. )
The new Bookman takes a break from his translations to go enjoy some good old-fashioned football soccer. Allen is along for the ride, but even though things go better than expected, they still don't go entirely as planned.

Vaguely slashy, for the Lavi/Allen prompt "Noise [make doves scatter]". References to Kanda/Lenalee and one-sided Allen/Lenalee. Warnings for sports (Gross), relentless teasing, not to mention some goading about relationships. Lavi's curiosity is not very subtle. Part of the Phoenix chronology, but the summary reveals everything you need to know.

You, not used to crowds? Mr. Circus himself? )
It was too hard to fight someone who looked, smiled, like Allen. But Lavi would rather have the fighting than... this.

Warnings: Spoilers about the 14th. Theories about the 14th. Theories about the Heart. Theories about Lavi and Allen. Total name confusion. Sexual harassment and self-destructive behavior. Cough.
Contains Lavi/Allen (onesided?) and 14th/Lavi.

.his borrowed toys.
The first thing Lavi noticed was that Allen was bleeding. )
Returning to the Black Order HQ after years of letting everyone thinks he was dead, Lavi finds that his existing memories don't quite do everyone justice -- and in the case of one, memories just aren't enough at all.

Vaguely slashy, for the Lavi/Allen prompt "Connected [coiled inescapably]". Saladfic. Lavi skips merrily from person to person. Crowley crying like a hormonal teenage girl. Lenalee's silent wrath. Allen continues to be a forgiving sap. Follows Phoenix, but it isn't required reading. The summary reveals everything you need to know?

Normally, Bookman worked alone. )
After everyone finds out about the 14th, all Allen wants is just one person he can be with to feel like himself.

Warning: Some angst, some spoilers, some fluff. Mostly fluff. Abstraction and cuteness and questionable judgment calls and total co-dependency ahoy.
Written for a [ profile] springkink prompt: Lavi/Allen, "security- moments here and there"

His only real comfort was Lavi. )
The night begins with extreme promise, but it tapers out juuuust before the good part.

Warnings: Some pornish activity between two males. Extremely devious Allens. Also possibly extremely oversexed Allens. The shameless abuse of religious precepts.
Written for [ profile] apapazukamori, again, as she wanted a fic about Link walking in on Allen and Lavi. Ahem.

.turnabout is foul play.
The luckiest man alive. )
A tragic discovery almost tears Allen and Lavi apart! But some things go beyond skin-deep.

Warnings: Some mild humorous craziness abounds, followed by fluff. Contains mild AU / crackpot theories. Some spoilers up to the bloody windowsill in the 169th Night.
Written for [ profile] apapazukamori, who wanted a fic about finding out who Lavi's father is.

Allen was, literally, the last person in the Order to find out about it. )
On a seemingly innocent errand for Komui, Allen encounters a man who's been dead for four years. And Lavi is surprised to see him, too.

Warnings: Dead men walking without any eyepatches at all. Inappropriate brandy consumption. Incredible dorkiness. Allen forgiving everyone.
Currently gen, for the Lavi/Allen prompt 'Year [faces that stay with you forever]'.

Rumors of my death may have been exaggerated. )


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