After seven days of hell, Yashiro Uzuki was still dead. She hadn't made peace with herself. She hadn't become a better person. She hadn't learned the value of life - or whatever you were supposed to learn. But all of that was part of why the Reaper who tormented her decided to come get her.
Contains approximately 100% headcanon. I did a lot of thinking about why Uzuki was in the Game, what was holding her back, and what her entry fee would have been. It's not even half covered in here, but I really liked writing in Kariya's POV. Written to the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt, "they meet again as allies the day after her Game ends".

.unresolved issues.
It wasn't hard, really, to see when a person was dragging themselves down. )
Flashbang high-life city girl + peaceful autumn temple = culture shock. Kariya is determined to introduce a little bit of variety into Uzuki's life, whether she likes it or not.
Contains slight shippiness, but mostly snark and complaining. You should ship them anyway. Written for the [community profile] fic_promptly prompt "dead leaves on the ground" some time ago.

.relaxation techniques.
This is a vacation, Uzuki. You're supposed to be the opposite of tense and unhappy. Breathe. Let it go. )


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